Painting Studio

This 1,200 square foot painting studio is nestled against the treeline of a picturesque 4-acre site that it shares with a renovated barn-house, three-car garage, and screened-in gazebo. The newest addition to this aggregation of existing structures shares some material qualities with the existing, but also sets itself apart from the pack. As the realization of the client’s 20 year dream to have space dedicated to the pursuit of their art practice, the building’s form speaks with an expressive language of architectural elements -- a tower, a curved and asymmetrical roof line, a void carved from the primary massing of the building to create a screened porch. The two-story layout provides three distinct programmatic spaces -- one for painting, one for quiet rest and contemplation, and one for entertaining and displaying art. The upstairs studio is oriented north with views of the forest, while the ground level sitting area enjoys south views of the lawn and rolling hills beyond. The long hall, stair and painting gallery provide an extended transition between these areas, allowing each to feel like a world of its own. While much of the space is defined by a crisp, restrained palette of concrete floors and white walls to make space for the art that is created within them, there are moments of intense material accents -- textured mushroom wood, vibrant marble and glazed porcelain tile -- that bring warmth and depth to the distinct areas of the studio.