Monument Monsters

Just as citizens of New York give and take from the city, so do its buildings. Monument Monsters represent the relationships New Yorkers have with the city’s architecture – great beasts that both help and hinder us as we navigate its gridded streets.

As true in mini-golf as it is in life, much comes down to our own attitude and perspective – if we treat these beasts as friends they will reciprocate with friendly gestures. However they may also become obstacles in your path. Either way, this golf hole is a great way to get to know the monsters as you squeeze through to take your next stroke. Taking cues from the old and new icons of New York architecture, Monument Monsters abstracts the cantilevers, towers, plinths and set backs found around the city to produce an urban environment set upon a field of pure white artificial turf. The Monster’s urban stature conceals their rural origin -- constructed in a Columbia County barn from re-used framing lumber and 1/2” plywood, their interior structural frame was built to withstand a two-hour journey from country to city, as well as interactions with most daring and energetic of all mini-golf players...The Monsters adapt well to their new habitat, with help from many new friends.